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Debt Collection

We protect you against any unfair or abusive collection of debts done by some of debt collection companies. Our lawyers strive to find strategic angles in every matter.

Motor vehicle Accidents Claim

We seek justice and compensation on your behalf for bodily injuries sustained in motor vehicle accidents. We give our clients the highest quality legal services and the best outcome.


We appear in all Courts of Lesotho and engage in legal proceedings in the High Court; Commercial Court; Labour Court & Land Court and Court of Appeal. We strive to give our clients the best services .

Land Matters

Got a land dispute? We have the land solution, we cover land and all other property disputes.


We handle divorce processes and issues, ranging from division of property to child custody.

Administration of Estates & wills

We execute administration of deceased's Testate and Intestate Estates, we also draft and register Wills as well as deed of trust.